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Technology Is Intertwined With Teaching



Since the invention of the abacus, technology has been shaping the way children are educated. Things have changed a little since ancient times, with recent advances in technology happening at a staggering rate.

It is only 30 years ago that computers started to be commonplace in schools. Yet, now they are an indispensible teaching tool. This is not only due to the access to information they can give children of all ages, but also has to do with the central role that technology plays in the lives of students, both now and in the future.

We now live in a digital economy. As a result, the ability to use technology effectively will be a key tool for students once they finish their studies and begin looking for a job.

This means that technology needs to be intertwined with the way that children are educated. Schools are adapting quickly, with more than 70% of schools giving pupils access to tablet computers during the learning process.

In nearly 10% of schools, each student has their own tablet device. Between 2014 and 2016, the number of tablet computers in schools is expected to rise from about 430,000 to almost 900,000.

What Next

Technology is going to continue to evolve. The challenge for schools will be to continue to adapt to get the best results for children. In an article for the BBC, Dr Clarke of the University of Cambridge spoke about the role of technology and how it will evolve:

“The type of device might change, but it’s not going to go away. It will almost seem ridiculous if some of them are not using technology,” she said.

Moving forwards, the challenge is always going to be finding the balance between adopting technology and keeping the focus on knowledge. This is particularly salient given the distraction that technology can provide, which is something that has had some senior figures in education wanting to discuss the banning of mobile phones and even iPads in schools.

Tip of The Week – Coping With School Reporting Season


As the weather gets better and the summer break creeps into view, it brings mixed blessings; for one thing pupils can be harder to motivate as they drift into holiday mode. Then, of course, there are the reports to write.

Traditionally, reporting is a time consuming and laborious task, that involves scouring through previous tests, reports, and notes in order to put together more than 20 reports. These need to be typed up, checked, reviewed, and amended before they get anywhere near a parent.

This produces stress, long hours, and is enough to test the patience and will of even the most driven and experienced of teachers.

The process of writing reports can vary widely from school to school: some rely on the traditional paper based model, whilst others look to cloud based software to manage pupil tracking and report generation.

Regardless of what system your school uses, we asked our resident teacher to give us their top tip on how to cope with the school reporting season.

The tip they gave revolves around having the tools to hand to craft unique and engaging reports with a little help from a structural crib sheet.

Have a crib sheet of useful comments to hand

Parents want to know how their children are getting on in a clear and easy to understand way. Next to the CTRL – C copy shortcut embedded in your brain, having a list of useful comments in your mind can save time and add depth to your reports.

These key phrases could include things like “grasps new concepts quickly”, or has a “lively imagination”, which help paint a picture of the child’s progress.

If you are still struggling for ideas, we found this inspiring and quirky book on “how to survive the first year of teaching” which has useful tips even for those whose first year of teaching was long ago.

3 Ways SRS Can Save Teachers Time


Regardless of the idealised image that those outside the profession may have, we all know that despite the rewards, teaching can be a challenging vocation.

Teachers need to work within a supportive environment, where they can develop their skills, feel valued, and transfer this into a positive teaching environment.

One of the ways that schools can do this is to ensure that their teachers have the tools they need to succeed. These can be tools that make it a little easier to perform admin, to track progress, and to communicate effectively with the different stakeholders in their role – such as parents, pupils, and the management team.

SRS Reduces Report Admin Time

One way that SRS can support teachers is by making the admin involved in student performance tracking simpler and easier to monitor and manage. The system can be cloud based, which allows teachers to update it from any device in any location. This also means that teachers can access the system outside of school hours, as it is conveniently available 24 hours a day.

SRS Enhances Tracking

The SRS system allows for results and progress to be tracked for classes and individual children in line with the school curriculum, whether that is a national curriculum or one bespoke to the school or faith.

On the back of this, reports can be generated on an individual student basis, which in time provides a powerful analytical tool.

SRS as a Communication Tool

Using our cloud based system, reports can be submitted to management for review electronically, and comments added that can then be incorporated, saving time and effort at both ends. We have also received great feedback from parents about this service.

When you think back to your schooldays, you may remember being given a school report in an envelope which you nervously handed to your parents hoping the news was good. This was a long process for review, and getting comments back from parents could take time.

Using our cloud based system, reports can be sent to parents electronically and comments – but not amendments – added to the document and sent back.

Both of these tools mean that SRS is a powerful step forward in the way reporting is tracked and communicated in an educational environment.

Teachers Save Time With SRS

Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Time is one of the most valuable resources for individuals, and for teachers in particular it can often feel like there is never enough.

With such a varied and demanding job, managing time is an essential skill for any teacher. Even for the most experienced and organised teacher, finding the time to manage marking and assessments, and drawing up lesson plans, can be a challenge due to the sheer volume of work.

This is the reason that we have developed our system in collaboration with teachers, in order to give them their time back so that they can focus on the 101 other tasks they need to master to be a successful educator.

The Time-Poor Diary of a Teacher

Reports suggest that teachers can spend only a third of their time instructing pupils face-to-face, with the rest of their time dominated by admin, lesson preparation, and reporting tasks. Teachers work long hours far beyond their time in the school.

The administration itself, and time spent doing admin, puts a great deal of pressure on teachers. Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: “It is clear from the survey that although teachers love their profession, workload is unmanageable, accountability systems add unnecessary pressure and they are underpaid for the work they do.”

Therefore, any methods that help teachers reduce the time they spend on administration will reduce the pressure on teachers and the unpaid work that they do.

How SRS Can Help

At Aspiring Panda, we have developed our software, School reporting suite, to allow teachers and administrators to efficiently and effectively prepare, analyse, and manage the production of annual reports.

SRS has been proven to reduce report writing by 50%. This gives more time for teachers to teach and pupils to learn, giving head teachers’ peace of mind. Our service is hosted on secure servers on a cloud service that allows educators quick password protected access to all tracking and reporting stages anywhere, any time.

What Is the School Reporting Suite?

srs logo

The School Reporting Suite is designed to allow educators to assess, track and report the progress of students. It is designed to work across a wide cross-section of curricula, and to be usable in a wide range of languages.

This flexibility, along with its cloud based functionality, has meant that we are receiving more and more enquiries from the senior management teams of schools using a faith based curriculum.

So What Does The School Reporting Suite Do?


The School Reporting Suite is an online reporting system that allows teachers to record every test or exam result of every child in a given class.

The system is also easy to use, and much less time consuming than manual data entry. As SRS is a cloud based system, it allows teachers to update information and records from any location, 24 hours a day, dependent only on having connection to the internet.


This assessment monitoring tool allows teachers to analyse the results within the suite at the click of a button. This means pupil’s achievements can be tracked against targets, enabling the school to identify those students that need help. Subsequently, it can also be used to gauge whether interventions are successful.

This can represent a significant time saving for teachers when compared to a paper based system, while also enabling the ability to access information instantly based on the needs of school managers and teachers.

The system can be fully customised to the needs of the school and curriculum to make the assessment tracking and reporting system as simple as possible.

Reporting System

This progress can be presented to school management who can track where teachers are in completing their assessments in real time. These can then be passed for comment , reviewed, and sent back electronically, saving time for all parties and resources such as paper and printing ink.

The reporting system puts results in an easy to analyse format for all stakeholders. When complete internally, it can be sent to parents electronically who can send it back with comments.

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