For schools managing their education program using more than one curriculum there can be a number of practical reporting issues.

These can range from having to put tracking systems in place for curriculums with different assessment standards to how to adapt the reporting for more than one language.

These challenges can be typical in UK based faith schools that are operating the national curriculum as well as a faith based curriculum. In order to operate there is a need to comply to national curriculum standards but also integrate the faith curriculum.

Then there is the reporting aspect where there may be a need to report in a number of different languages based on the backgrounds of the pupils.

It is these challenges that led to the School Reporting Suite being developed by our team of passionate engineers. We have been able to successfully integrate different grading systems at the same time within our system and allow the easy assessment, tracking and reporting of pupil progress.

The Kodesh Curriculum

SRS have helped the Menorah Primary School to simplify their reporting process when using two different curriculums.

The modular design of our cloud based software allowed quick modifications to accommodate the Jewish study curriculum and the school’s grading curriculum. The system was also enhanced to allow comments and edits to be made in Hebrew.

Configurable To Any Curriculum

The principles used at Menorah Primary School can be adapted for any school of any faith looking to integrate more than one curriculum. We are currently exploring implementation of our software to education authorities across the world.

If you would like to find out more about how we make assessment tracking simple for head-teachers, teachers and parents in multiple languages or curriculums give us a call on 020 8893 6666