The role of assessment in primary education and how assessments are managed is in the headlines as the NUT teacher’s union calls for primary school overhaul.

This development raises the possibility that there could be a coordinated boycott of the SATs one of the main national assessment programs used by the Department of Education.

Primary School Assessment Issues

The focus on primary school assessment has increased a great deal in recent years, in part fuelled by changes in the method and focus of assessments by the previous and current governments.

The latest flashpoint in this assessment battleground, is a reaction to figures that show substantial differences across local authorities in SATs results. The NUT have called for significant improvements or further action by the union will be taken.

NUT’s new general secretary, Kevin Courtney weighed into the debate on behalf of his members.

“The case for a complete rethinking of assessment in primary schools is overwhelming – this deeply flawed system must not be allowed to do further harm to pupils and to teachers in 2017.”

“If the government is not prepared to make the changes needed, then the union is prepared to work with other unions to boycott both key stage one and key stage two Sats”

SATs Boycott Possible?

This would not be the first time that SATs had been boycotted, in 2010 around a quarter of schools boycotted the key stage two tests. Unofficially there was also a parent-led boycott of key stage one assessments that was on a smaller scale but received a large amount of publicity.

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