Cloud computing is the technology that allows users to access data from anywhere using the internet. Enhanced connectivity and the increase in the number of UK smartphone users has had a significant impact on the way the country does business.

Although you may not realise it yet, the cloud is having a large impact upon the education sector. Technologies are now in place that allow the sharing of ideas, collaboration and communicating in a way that was not possible even 10 years ago.

From video calls to educational apps there are huge strides being made to offer different products and services within the education system due to the flexibility and versatility that cloud technology creates.

Sharing data has become simple and the uses of the technology are developing rapidly as the sector adapts to the opportunities increased connectivity and sharing creates.

At Aspiring Panda, the cloud is an important part of our School Reporting Suite.

Our core product is a reporting system that allows teachers to assess, track and report the progress of students in multiple languages and curriculums. Adding the ability to store and share information from the cloud gives users a wide range of options on how to use the system.

Parents and teachers can access and input data even when they are not at school and have that information available in real time. The ability to do this from anywhere in real time is a real advantage for time sensitive professionals that do not want a difficult to use system tying them down.

Our system can be accessed on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets giving our users flexibility and choice on how they use the suite.

We expect to see further developments in the education sector as the power of the connectivity and sharing that the cloud provides is realised by schools and teachers alike.