It was widely reported at the start of the year that the government is planning to test every pupil in England on their times tables before they leave primary school.

The times table checks will be piloted to about 3,000 pupils across 80 primary schools in the summer. If successful it will then be rolled out across the country in 2017.

Whilst there has been lots of debate on the merit of this metric as a measure of success, already opposition to the government and teachers unions have responded to the iniatives and the debate will continue even once implemented.

However this development highlights the changing school reporting dynamic. Since the last change in government we have seen wide scale changes to the way in the curriculum and the way in which children’s progress is measured.

In order to ensure that schools are able to adapt to moving goalposts there needs to be flexibility in the recording, measuring, tracking and reporting of pupil progress.

This is something that we have been mindful of when developing and maintaining the School Reporting System. The system is able to support the national curriculum and any other applicable curriculums. Whilst this makes the reporting suite perfect for faith schools, this can also have applications and allows schools to maintain adaptable solutions.

We can be sure that in the coming months and years that the scrutiny on the way in which children is educated is going to continue. There are likely to be changes fuelled by a number of factors, many of which are out of the control of individual schools.

These will need to be managed and implemented, whilst maintaining reporting visibility. We look forward to helping schools overcome the school reporting challenge in the years to come.