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This years’ school reporting period is finally coming to a close. While pupils start dreaming of their holidays, and teachers start planning for next year, we thought we would look at the challenges that pupil reporting and performance tracking present to teachers and schools.

The challenges faced by schools are – on a general level – to deliver the best possible service to every pupil. This universal goal can be managed by implementing an overall learning strategy which is set at a national level and implemented by schools.

The role of the school is to ensure that the correct tactics at both a school and pupil level are being used to track progress against the overall goals. This means having an effective reporting system that can:

  • Ensure every pupil is learning and progressing at their optimum ability
  • Identify the pupil’s who are falling behind as early as possible
  • Convey progress to teachers and parents effectively
  • Report overall progress to senior managers

Having a clear reporting system in place allows schools to manage performance across all levels at the school and concentrate resources where they are needed most. At a pupil level, these reports allow teachers to help pupils that are falling behind as soon as possible, through intervention and reporting back to parents.

On a school wide level it allows managers to home in on the areas strengths and weaknesses of the school performance and compare how their school measures up to educational targets.

The Challenge Of Paper In Reporting

In traditional school reporting systems this integrated universal approach was difficult to enforce. This was because systems were paper-based, requiring copying and effort duplication to collate data. This process made reporting in real time and interim progress tracking difficult.

The development of cloud computing software means that there are now dynamic options available to schools to take the time pressure and effort out of school reporting in real time.

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