Regardless of the idealised image that those outside the profession may have, we all know that despite the rewards, teaching can be a challenging vocation.

Teachers need to work within a supportive environment, where they can develop their skills, feel valued, and transfer this into a positive teaching environment.

One of the ways that schools can do this is to ensure that their teachers have the tools they need to succeed. These can be tools that make it a little easier to perform admin, to track progress, and to communicate effectively with the different stakeholders in their role – such as parents, pupils, and the management team.

SRS Reduces Report Admin Time

One way that SRS can support teachers is by making the admin involved in student performance tracking simpler and easier to monitor and manage. The system can be cloud based, which allows teachers to update it from any device in any location. This also means that teachers can access the system outside of school hours, as it is conveniently available 24 hours a day.

SRS Enhances Tracking

The SRS system allows for results and progress to be tracked for classes and individual children in line with the school curriculum, whether that is a national curriculum or one bespoke to the school or faith.

On the back of this, reports can be generated on an individual student basis, which in time provides a powerful analytical tool.

SRS as a Communication Tool

Using our cloud based system, reports can be submitted to management for review electronically, and comments added that can then be incorporated, saving time and effort at both ends. We have also received great feedback from parents about this service.

When you think back to your schooldays, you may remember being given a school report in an envelope which you nervously handed to your parents hoping the news was good. This was a long process for review, and getting comments back from parents could take time.

Using our cloud based system, reports can be sent to parents electronically and comments – but not amendments – added to the document and sent back.

Both of these tools mean that SRS is a powerful step forward in the way reporting is tracked and communicated in an educational environment.