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The School Reporting Suite is a cloud or local server based software solution designed to help teachers manage the recording and tracking of student assessments.

This safe and accessible system allows teachers and administrators to efficiently and effectively prepare, analyse and manage the production of annual reports. SRS is designed to work with a wide range of different curricula, including those that are used in faith schools or on a niche grading platform.

SRS includes charting & reporting functions that convert complex data into digestible information, allowing for easy understanding of student progress.

Who Can Use SRS?

The SRS is designed to be a valuable tool for teachers, parents, pupils and school management to effectively record, track and monitor the performance of pupils within their respective school system.

This allows teachers to efficiently and effectively prepare, analyse and manage the production of continuous pupil assessment reports, whilst headteachers can track the reporting process in real time.

This enables the headteacher to monitor the completion of reports and performance in one place, and in real time, allowing them to manage teachers and the reporting process more effectively.

This security and flexibility means that SRS can be used in the UK education system and around the world, as the system can accommodate any grading system. The flexibility of the system and its ability to incorporate different languages means that the system can be implemented anywhere in the world.

SRS for Parents

Using the cloud based system also allows for reports and data to be transferred over the internet. This enables parents and pupils to view (but not change) their reports and input their comments in real time.

If you have any questions about the School Reporting Suite program, and about how it can benefit schools regardless of their curriculum, contact us for a demo.